Bypass corporate and government control over your healthcare.

Introducing a TFTC-approved healthcare experience without hidden fees or surprises. Use code: HEALTHY for 3 months at just $89/month.

Thousands of Bitcoiners Trust CrowdHealth

Like fiat, health insurance is broken.

Marty here, like many of you, I've experienced the frustration of dealing with traditional health insurance. That's why I'm introducing CrowdHealth to the TFTC community. Finally, a transparent, affordable alternative that gives the power back to the people.

Break Free From Traditional Insurance

Member Crowdfunding: A community-based system where health care costs are distributed among members, effortlessly reducing high expenses for everyone involved.

Care Advocacy: Personalized assistance to navigate the complex world of healthcare, from finding providers to handling bills.

Medical Bill Negotiation: An expert service that negotiates your medical bills to significantly reduce costs.

Stop Overpaying For Quality Healthcare

Unlimited Virtual Primary Care: Convenient and unlimited online consultations with primary care doctors, making regular health check-ups hassle-free.

Discounted Prescriptions: Access to prescription medication at discounted prices, ensuring your health doesn't strain your pocket.

Unlimited Talk Therapy: Unlimited access to licensed therapists to support your mental well-being anytime you need it.

A Refreshingly Straight Forward, Decentralized Process

1. Subscribe to CrowdHealth: Join the CrowdHealth community with just a $50 monthly subscription.

2. Help Other Members: Every month, you'll support another member's health event based on age or family size. Our platform seamlessly manages these expenses.

3. Receive Support: When facing health care expenses from injury, illness, pregnancy, or other health events, the CrowdHealth community steps in. Members contribute to cover your costs, and our platform handles the transfers.

Skip the bureaucracy.
Decentralize your healthcare.

Watch my interview with the CEO of CrowdHealth, Andy:

We couldn’t be happier with the decision we made two years ago to ditch health insurance for CrowdHealth. We spend way less on health care while having a better, more pleasant experience. Going to the doctor isn’t as stressful as it used to be. The lingering thoughts about how much a medical event will cost don’t exist for us anymore.

- Marty Bent, Founder of TFTC

USE CODE: HEALTHY for 3 months at just $89/month.

Beat the system.
Join CrowdHealth.

USE CODE: HEALTHY at checkout to get a discounted membership of $89/month for the first 3 months.‍

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